Living your life – Choices


Would you rather live in the woods than the roof you are under? The sprawling branches of those trees with their whispers, do they not invite you in to that unknown darkness?  A choice favouring this question would have or would certainly be enticing at one point of time. And it is at that singular moment; sitting on a stump, all these wandering thoughts are being put together and laid on the grassy terrain with those fallen leaves for you to read. This could very well be one the choices of life the title holds.

Trees shed their leaves and they regrow as each season passes. However, with each passing day the sheets of a calendar are pulled away, never getting a chance to fulfil the question: what do we live for? A question that draws as much answers as the souls that breathe. Discovering the answer is as difficult as obtaining a full bloom in winter. The answers that we do have are the goals that  we strive for. But each desire is a twig that eventually meets the fire. A long time target, an inextinguishable desire still meets the fire when death devours the soul. So, life with all its mysteries could be either one where we toil to gather all the twigs or keep searching till we inhale the scent of that one blossom. Yet another choice in our lives to make the most of it before we end up in the abyss.

Stepping into reality from the illusion, not all lives reach out to realize their aims. A sacrificial choice to abandon their life for another’s. A suppressed and forceful choice taken and imposed on another’s life. The former and latter are often not options in the mortal’s mind. Though, both of which are rewarded with humility.

The mind suffocates when asked to decide between plenty of choices. It chokes when the society judges its decision.  Be aware that the community may evaluate our choice but it is we who have to live with it. Hence, throughout our life it is better to do what we love and most importantly, what is right.

Even then, has anyone ever given a thought that all this time we are doing something which was never our choice? It is living that life of ours. So, life is not always about our choices and desires. A destiny with a choice taken by the powerful One awaits. Be prepared for this could be something we never set our minds for.

Living your life – adding meaning into existence.

Befriend and end desolation

A crushed spirit is just as futile as the incinerated ashes that remain after a cremation. Live embers keep it on its knees never letting it to rise and heal. Put out the fire and sweep the dust off to give ego a boost; a push to breathe through its strangled neck.

Provision of importance to the soul determines self-worth. Give it a little too much, and the spirit becomes egoistic. Clingy as it is, the egoistic nature can be cast off by one potent method. This being the presence of an alter ego; more commonly known as a friend. Friends are like a gust of wind which blows the charred smoke away and walk with you through the storm.


God, the all powerful and omnipresent being is physically with you everywhere in the form of family and friends. Somehow you end up in the world through a family but friendships are that you mould in your lifetime. Befriending a person is not as easy as hitting the friend button on a social network. It is one that involves a development of mutual fondness and trust which is neither family oriented nor sensual.

No two souls are the same and the heart longs for another person who reflects their own in a pool of water. Though this is what is most desired, the outcomes are branched off. Your companion most likely does not have the same traits as you do and it is that uniqueness that complements each other and makes the friendship wholesome.

Friendships are life lessons to destroy barriers and make sacrifices. In the end, no matter what the saying is, you end up living on earth for another. Since you and your spouse are one soul, why not live for your comrades? They are the ones who are priceless and true friendship is something that money cannot buy.

So just remember that in times of despair, dejection and desolation; the hand on the spade which exhumes your dead spirit will be that of your friend.

The thoughtful mind: Caged or framed?

When weighed on a balance, the fulcrum snaps because the mind’s evolution on the scales is more substantial than that of mankind’s physical evolution. This is simply because the thoughts of a human’s mind are not swaddled and hence outweighs the bodily evolved man.

The power of a brain is what had conjured all that prevails. Immaterial to whether it was God’s or man’s, it was the dominance of intelligence that houses itself in the apex of every being. Having made this steadfast assertion, now is the rightful moment to dwell on the question the title holds.


With history often repeating itself, the hands of the clock have turned back to the days where the ideas of an individual were questioned and eventually caged. Fear has overturned more tables than power has. And it is this same fear that imprisons an idea, an inquiry and an intelligent mind. Fear of being ridiculed and estranged just because the thought process is unique is widely prevalent. Curiosity might have got the cat killed but a human is sensibly superior. And it is very dreadful that a being is born into this world with a mind, not full of notions but full of fear of consequences.

Since every being is now afraid of repercussions, the next thing to do against someone who is strong to voice out an idea is to put a wall around it. We are taught by the society on what should be thought. We are imbibed with the world’s desires and not ours. And that is how thoughts are framed. Be it a toddler’s step or a gentleman’s stride the thinking should not be aligned with what the world wants but rather what the step was taken for.

The key to the cage and the lever to the frame are all in our minds. Urge you to find them and get rid of all the restraints and achieve what you are truly meant for. Bury all the past and open the mind to a world of true chances.

The thoughtful mind: An endless expanse of possibilities.


World of words

Opening the bottle of perfume you love and taking a whiff of its fragrance is synonymous with the feeling you get when you hold the book you love against your lips. To have all the time in the world and no restraints to read would elevate the feeling to that in heaven.

Once in heaven, worlds of all sorts are visited with the power of the book in your hand. This happens with the unlocking of the imaginative doors of the mind just as your fingers turn over the cover of the book.


There is something that comes to a close with all these opening of doors; the door to the real world. And in this solace, your eyes do not dart around but only focus on the black on white giving you the tranquility that is truly out of this world. And it is in this recluse that sheer pleasure is experienced.

The ultimate power exercised from heaven is being the author of all the lives that dwell. To wield this authority, you simply must have a book because it entitles you to do so. With the knowledge gained as the words trail inside the mind, a feeling of control exists. And then the mind eases; comforted and satisfied.

While absorbing the words on the pages, the reader’s mind subtly slips into that of the author’s. Then perception hits the mind opening yet another door of opportunities. But once all the doors are slammed shut and you descend back to the real world, it comes down to the one thing that matters the most; doing what you love to do. And if you have not lived this experience, consider adding it to your bucket list and you would know it was worth the try.

Filling your tummy with joy

Amidst the beings of our world who thirst for happiness is Mr. Glutton. Adolescence having hit him, he began to wonder about the mysteries of life. More tangled than a ball of string were the intricate questions of his brain. But it was subtly answered in what occurred to him as simply the core to all that existed, happiness. 

It was the same thirst that every breathing soul had but differed in how they set about to quench it. Given one would prefer wine to water is similar to that of money to love in finding happiness. As the dregs in a glass remained so did Mr. Glutton’s unanswered last query as to how he should take possession of eternal happiness. 

Unearthing this happiness requires life and this hinted the answer to Mr. Glutton. Some thing that everyone did to ensure their survival was to eat. The very core of happiness is to fill their stomachs with it. The turmoil in his head untangled as the solution laid in its wake, food.


He had heard many say that happiness lies or comes from within but didn’t think it was meant literally until he found it himself. Filling the tummy with food is climbing the first rung of a ladder to happiness. A content mind comes from a well fed being. But gluttony is indeed a sin. Well fed is over a mile short than being over fed. 

On the other page, indulging is not wrong either found Mr. Glutton. It wouldn’t inflict harm upon anyone else but it may have an aftermath in your stomach. It would be rather unpleasant for someone who loves or is beside him at that moment. 

All that being said, he has got one more thing on his mind. Whatever your journey in life maybe all you have got to do is please God, yourself and not to forget, your tummy.

Caved in to music

Reaching beyond the bounds of possibility is how it would seem to hold control over the beating of the heart. It has to go on by its own but in harmony with all there is to make us savor each moment of our lives. Streaming music to the ears just as blood in the veins have become attune in the beating of today’s heart.

If books transport its readers to another world, music has its fascinating world where the listeners set foot; a world with plethora of music, songs and lyrics as the people in ours. Each composed music is unique like an individual and a ripped off one like us being another person. The mind enjoys what kind it likes as music gets in sync and leaps bounds as thoughts that cannot be tied down.

Deprived beings of God find music a recluse, beings exhausted by work discover it to be soothing and so do each find a reason to relish it. To go on with the comparison of it with the body, the artery has to lead out of the heart and so are plenty humans where the earphones jack has to lead from the gadgets into their ears. Better not blast the volume, it might cause a musical blood pressure.

Altogether different forms of music are heard in a variety of means be it an iPod or the grandest stereo system. Music provides opportunities for the unknown to become known. It just shows how individuals become folks when embraced by music. And music must never be the ground to dig up a strife by imposing ones likes on another.

With enough hate in the world it is music alone that is not hated and if one thinks he does, he would probably unearth a kind he loves.

A road trip opportunity you don’t want to miss

Chances are high that two in a family might agree on the same thing least of all a long drive in the family car. But the four in ours agreed and it was with mom whom I set out on a drive. Well, the occasion was a festivity for which mom had to make her presence. Before sailing forth or rather driving off, I would like to say that the decision was an agreement and not the result of a feud. I say this because it was the unconditional sacrifice that my dad and sister did. They stayed behind to look after my withered grandma though still strong in spirit.

How often does a twenty one year old son get to spend some quality time with his mother? Seldom would be considered inappropriate here because in many lives it would be never; owing to circumstances. There’s a reason I described it the way I did. Where else would one be so freed from his addictions to the gadgets of the world? All the focus you need is on the road and your mom beside and nothing else matters. That’s quality time.

Road trip with friends can be very fun but not when one of them is glued to their smartphone complaining that they are “missing” someone who isn’t there at the moment. Kind of sad though. Companions can come in all sorts and on that day my mom made my day and I probably hers.

Friends would have shot photos by the dozen and so would I if I were with them but if it weren’t for mom’s prompting, the very single picture I shot wouldn’t have been in existence.

It was what she said about moments that made me pull over and record such a one with the yellow coloured  smartphone that I imagine would have given a sigh of relief from its task of navigating us. It would have been a sight for its sore eyes too. At the moment we could have jumped off and gone for a walk along the lake but then the car would have sighed out of relief too. I didn’t want it cooling till we got where we wanted to.

Anyway, my rear view mirror has something to say about objects being closer but all I got to say is that I made the best moments with the one I got close to me then. And when we returned it was the tears of happiness that we were able to gift mom. Who else will a mother be delighted in. Now it’s your turn. Get your planner for it might not have such a trip scheduled in it, so why not do it today?

‘Art and You’ or the other way round?

To begin with, art can be expressed in any form. Seems credible because all of everything is God’s art. But how is that you are related to it? I believe the very same question would have popped into an artistic brain. The sake one does it for lies within him.

Well, let me arrive at the center of it after taking a walk around it. I love to sketch all sorts of things and this is my relationship with art. I also understand there are a variety of people and what they sketch reflects who or how they are. What I do not get is that isn’t this a stereotypical view? Because when I meant all sort of things, it is not all the things but only the ones I feel the need to put it on paper. That in a way does depict what I take a liking to.

Drawing a fiendish character from a cartoon I watched as a kid rekindles all the happy times I had then. The picture throws light on how much I adore the cartoon and the affinity I have towards drawing. In no way does it mean that I prefer cruelty to kindness. Dexter’s laboratory or the powerpuff girls must have been the ones I drew as a child. And that does not mean I was sweet then either. The characteristics of a person sometimes can be made out of it and that would decide his kinship with art.

Seems as though I have been walking in circles instead of going for the answer at the center. But when you love art it becomes a part of you and it is not the matter of whether it is you and art or art and you but it is just one embodiment. So it would just mean loving yourself more.